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90% of Venezuelan children live in extreme poverty  
Petare, Caracas  
Home of Jenaro Aguirre School 
We do not have any overhead charges and everyone who works for our organisation is a volunteer. 
The aim of CHAMOS is to improve the living standards of the most deprived children in Venezuela, whether living in urban or rural areas, or in indigenous communities. We do this by providing financial support for them to acquire medical, educational or other essential equipment through highly respected and reputable NGO’s in Venezuela. 
CHAMOS has no political or religious affiliation, and all funds are raised through volunteer work. 
The origins of CHAMOS go back to 2004 when a small group of women, all with ties to Venezuela and to the Anglo-Venezuelan Society, recognized the dire need of some of the most marginalized children in Venezuela. They decided to join efforts in trying to provide assistance by creating a charity who could support some of the neediest causes. 
This group went from strength to strength, with the addition of new board members, and in 2008 it became a Registered Charity, acquiring at the same time the name of CHAMOS, which in colloquial Venezuelan means kids. 
Our intention is, mainly, to provide help in promoting and improving educational standards for children from their first years to early adolescence. We do not cover running costs or salaries; neither do we provide cash without its specific destination having been approved beforehand. 
Registered Charity No: No. 1123410 
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Mrs Mariana Siblesz de Alvarez 
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