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Petare, Caracas  
Home of Jenaro Aguirre School 
Thanks to your support, we are able to fund these 
projects and help many children in Venezuela. 
These children now have a proper place to study, eat and entertain. 
On Going Projects 
Sponsorship Program 
Location: Petare, Caracas 
CHAMOS has been supporting the Escuela Jenaro Aguirre through the "Madre María Luisa Casar" Foundation for several years. This foundation is a non-profit charity that works in the shantytown of Petare within Caracas, Venezuela. 
Escuela Jenaro Aguirre offers primary schooling to 450 children and nursery schooling to 120 children. It also has a small pediatric health and dental unit and provides youth and female training courses. 
We are currently committed with el Jenaro Aguirre and the Maria Luisa Casar foundation to sponsor 10 children during their basic education. 
This includes paying for their school fees and school material, two balanced meals a day served in the facilities and their basic health and vaccination checkups. 
Each child costs us currently £80 a year. We are committed to sponsor these 10 children through their basic education, which is a project that will run for 7 years. Our aim is to increase the number of sponsored children to 15 in the following years. Sponsor a child for just £80. 
Location: Catia La Mar 
La Gruta de Belén: la gruta de Belén is an education centre in Catia La Mar, on the outskirts of Caracas. The centre is run by the Missionaries of Charity with the help of donations from around the world. It is dedicated to helping children, who because of legal requirements or family problems have no formal schooling. 
By providing education and social programmes these children are prepared to join the public school system at the right age-group. 
Chamos have provided school materials through a programme called "a penny for a pencil" and helped finance their sports/recreation programme, providing access to equipment, clothing, coaches and yoga instructors to work with them for 2 hrs every week. 
We look forward to continuing our sponsorship of this inspirational project and supporting the volunteers who make it possible. 
Location: San Fernando - Cinaruco, Apure 
Located in San Fernando-Cinaruco, Apure, Asopica founded The Coromoto school seeking to advance the development of the children that live in the area. 
They have a boarding school where 65 children attend from the indigenous communities where they are given education, health assistance, three meals a day complimented with moral and civic education. 
In the past year Chamos has contributed with the construction of new bathroom facilities, and a new computer room (equipped with computers that run on solar batteries). 
Past Projects 
RISE: Rincon Infantil San Edmundo 
Location: Las Minas de Baruta, Caracas 
Set in one of Caracas biggest slums called Las Minas de Baruta, RISE, which has now closed, cared for approximately 180 boys and girls between 3-18. It was created as a place of protection and rehabilitation for children who live in this slum who are deprived of basic necessities, human rights and love. 
Children attended the centre either before or after school. They were given not only school support and a nurturing environment where they can do their homework, but also received moral values to help them become better citizens. 
The centre has now transformed into 10 mini centres spread in the community. We hope the good labour and support for the children of "Las Minas de Baruta" continues. 
CHAMOS contributed in 2015 with a washing/drying machine, a fridge and 30 foldable mattresses where the little ones could have their naps. 
Local Foundation: Centre for Research of Culture and Education. 
Location: Estado Apure 
CICE's activities focus on the everyday life at schools. It's main goal is to improve the standard of education in schools located in the most deprived areas of the country. 
CHAMOS has supported CICE by financing a mobile library that benefited 500 children from 11 schools in the rural state of Apure in Venezuela. CICE found out that during the rainy season these children have no access to schools, with their levels of reading and writing decreasing considerably as a result. Thanks to the special libraries CHAMOS has been able to fund, they can continue their education despite the heavy rains. 
Through the programme "A playground for a School", implemented by CICE, CHAMOS provided 11 state schools with a properly equipped playground, so that pupils can fully enjoy their recreational time. 
Location: Mara 
CHAMOS donated most of the funds for the creation of a brand new kitchen. This kitchen benefits around 220 children from the Wayúu community in the Mara region, who eat one meal at school daily. 
"We want to thank the CHAMOS CHARITY FOUNDATION from the United Kingdom, in all of its effort to get this kitchen ready and directly helping improve the quality of life of children in Venezuela. Once the entire kitchen is finished with all necessary equipment, the children will be able to enjoy its benefits and the mothers involved in food preparation will be part of a new effort in job and opportunity creation for the entire community". 
Location: Petare, Caracas 
Since CHAMOS has been supporting the Madre María Luisa Casar Foundation and its school in Petare, Caracas, our funds have been used to help build the pre-school unit and to help pay for a dental project that included eliminating over 500 tooth cavities in the school. 
In 2009 our funds helped finance a water tank project that enabled the children and school staff to have running water, which the school had lacked until then. During the same year CHAMOS also donated a number of musical instruments that enabled the school to start their own youth orchestra. 
We provided the School with a full set of specialized textbooks suitable for different age groups as well as a full cutlery set to be used in the students' dining room. 
Location: Cerro de Marín, Maracaibo 
CHAMOS contributed with the purchase of new tables and chairs that from 2010 are being enjoyed by the children of the Fundación Hogar Santa Ana, where twice a day 150 children from the poor community of Cerro de Marín, in Maracaibo, Venezuela, can have lunch and snacks for free. 
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