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"Even the most basic analgesics and 
antibiotics are impossible to obtain" 
"Today Venezuela suffers a humanitarian crisis 
which includes shortages of foods" 
"Even the most basic 
analgesics and antibiotics 
are impossible to obtain" 
"I am an active Venezuelan doctor with a long professional career, as well as university professor and ex-president of the Venezuelan National Academy of Medicine, the largest institution of Venezuelan medicine. 
Today Venezuela suffers a humanitarian crisis which includes shortages of foods - causing long queues of desperate people - there is no milk or and other proteins are in short supply. The humanitarian crisis in the health sector is horrifying, with hospitals in ruins and lack of medicines - even the most basic analgesics and antibiotics are impossible to obtain. The largest children's hospital in the country and it's young inhabitants suffer and die because there are no consumables for them, such as hydration solutions or cancer treatments. 
There is little help on ground and the suffering, especially of children, is simply heartbreaking... We support the initiative of Chamos to send medicines to the Children's Hospital of Caracas José Manuel de los Ríos. 
Thank you all... 
Dr. Rafel Muci-Mendoza"